About M-NEST Phase I


M-NEST-I is conceived as the first phase of a larger activity aiming to establish a robust and sustainable structure to host all types of activities that target the empowerment of people building the European manufacturing community of the future.

Inspired by the central role of the nest in biological contexts, M-NEST mission is the nurture of talented and empowered people to work in the most added-value manufacturing (AVM) scenarios. 

With this in view, M-NEST-I will build the core resources network and develop, test and demonstrate the base operational conditions that will enable academic, research and industry-driven organizations and individual users to autonomously and intuitively explore, experience and be qualified to work with AVM technologies within various production scenarios. This will be achieved by connecting workforces from well-positioned European high-education institutions and their Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) to carry the appropriate teaching, learning and knowledgetransfer coaching activities.