Multimaterial Processing and Digital Twins | Lay2Form, Dinasore and iiLAB

Digital manufacturing is at the core of the M-NEST educational paradigm. In INEGI, a multimaterial processing learning hub enables participants to have hands on experience with advanced manufacturing technologies, such as in-situ consolidation and hot forming for the production of hybrid metal-composite components. In FEUP, a digital-twin software named Dinasore allows students to understand how past manufacturing conditions and real-time data influence future manufacturing performance. INESC TEC uses iiLAB which is an infrastructure where it is possible to carry out demonstration of concepts and advanced technologies in the areas of robotics, automation, industrial cyber-physical systems (Internet of things). These leaning hubs have been used as test beds to develop dedicated learning and teaching factories to be offered for future students and practitioners.

Learn more about multimaterial processing and digital-twins testbed @M-NEST project.