Learning Hubs

LAY2FORM is a multimaterial processing learning hub available at M-NEST by INEGI. This testbed integrates into a single platform 3 manufacturing stages: lay-up, in-situ consolidation and hot forming. Firstly, tailored lay-ups of composite prepregs with metal foils are performed in an automatic way, in contrast with the conventional approach of manual layup. Following this process, applied pressure and temperature assists the in-situ consolidation of composite prepregs. In the third stage, the pre-heating of composite-metal tailored blanks and its 3D hot forming is supported by selective heating. This unique industry-scale equipment able to process multimaterial systems enables the production of hybrid metal-composite components with optimized efficiency and properties.

The robotized metal forming platform developed by ENSAM (Metz campus) for M-NEST activities allows to provide knowledge, models, simulations, and remote access to testbed.
This technological platform is used for industrial applications as well as research projects and teaching activities in order to answer to the critical challenge due to the increasingly fast development of new alloys and multi-metal products. Simulations and experimental data allow predicting the product quality as well as equipment’s behavior.

The manufacturing islands in the Aalto Factory of the Future (AFoF) consist of an assembly line, AGV mobile robots, collaborative robots, a 3D scan station and Monitoring stations. This empowers learning and teaching factories in the M-NEST project
AFoF is a facility for innovation, research and education and comprises a space shared by humans, robots and production stations. The facility serves as a platform for projects in the area of advanced information technologies applied to future production systems. It focuses on achieving revolutionary high flexibility by exploiting the architecture of modular autonomous intelligent production units.

The SUPSI Mini-Factory is an open environment for applied research and teaching. The aim of the Mini-Factory is to create a platform where researchers, students and industries meet, develop and empower the transfer of knowledge, thus applying modern and advanced production technologies and methods in the context of Industry 4.0.

JointDesigner is a M-NEST- I software testbed that automates and simplifies the design process of a structural joint, reducing time, chance of error and need to recheck calculated values and, hence, improving the overall quality and precision of the desired results. With this digital tool, it is possible to share the analysis with co-workers, save joint data for future use, export utility to transfer data to a spreadsheet or other software, printing and e-mailing of results and calculate the problem at hand with various analytical methods simultaneously.

The PeTRiiV platform developed by ENSAM (Chalon-sur-Saône institute) is an eXtended Reality environment aimed to virtual engineering in the context of Industry 4.0. It gathers state-of-the-art immersive systems, driving simulators, several VR/AR display and interaction devices and software development. It is used for research projects, industrial applications and teaching activities, to answer the challenges of Industry 4.0 on digital/virtual twins, collaborative design, manufacturing and maintenance, professional training and education of new talents. More info here: