About M-NEST

M-NEST-II aims to deliver innovative courses enabling the financial exploitation of educational assets (e.g., nuggets, T&LFs, etc.) resultant from two previous activities: M-NEST-I and M-NEST-RIS. M-NEST-II has three main goals:
  • To start implementing educational programs based on EIT-M educational assets targeting the up-/re-skill of CEO/executives and professionals’ engineers on emergent technologies of added-value manufacturing (AVM);
  • To increase the number of industrial organizations/participants involved in EIT-M activities;
  • To build a robust and flexible business model for the M-NEST distributed factory, aiming for the long-term financial return (beyond 2021) of EIT-M-supported educational assets, as well as a self-sustainable strategic agenda for the M-NEST network, covering upcoming industrial needs and other EIT-M flagships.
This project will directly contribute to the financial sustainability of the EIT-M.