M-NEST project-related events

Adhesive Joining Learning Factory

Are you familiar with adhesive bonding techniques? Do you know how to select a structural adhesive? INEGI, under the scope of M-NEST-I activity funded by EIT Manufacturing, will implement a learning factory project on “Adhesive Joining” from 24.11.2020 to 10.12.2020. This learning factory will be delivered in four sessions of approximately 75 minutes (each). We are planning to have theoretical expositive classes, as well as hands-on practices using the Joint Design software.Participation is free,…

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Composites & Multimaterial Solutions Learning Factory

Teaching Factory (TF) projects on “Composites & Multimaterial Solutions” was implemented at Porto Factory Unit (Portugal) on 12th October. Real industrial problems of two distinct manufacturing companies were addressed and investigated during 6 weeks by the TF participants. Participants were supervised by academic and industrial mentors in the different stages of the TF projects: i) problem definition, ii) problem analysis, iii) solution pre-design, iv) solution development and v) solution presentation. 

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M-NEST Phase I Project Kickoff

Friday 31st January 2020 was a milestone for M-NEST-I activity. At Porto (Portugal) in the premises of INEGI (activity coordinator), 6 partners came together for the Kick-off meeting. The meeting lasted for 1 day dedicated to partners meet each other and discuss the planning of M-NEST-I activity. During this day meeting, each partner presented their organizations, their team involved as well as their vision for the different tasks of the project. There was…

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